Toyota Tacoma Underwhere Skidplates


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Big Slack Off Road presents the first full underbelly protection system for the 3rd gen Tacoma! This is setup for a crew cab short bed truck. The system protects from rock slider to rock slider and from the front most portion of the truck to the rear axle. The system is composed of 3/16 and 1/8 steel reinforced with a rib system. The mounts for the system reinforce the vehicle frame to take the extra load. The reinforcements are made from 3/16 steel and bolt onto the frame.

The assembly of the system involves bolting mounts onto the truck, then the plates. The total weight of the system, including rock sliders, is 650 lbs. The rock sliders and frame reinforcements come with the kit and are required to mount the skidplate system.

This system is setup for a Pro-Comp 5.5" lift. The tires on the truck shown are 35x12.5-18. There are drain holes and access panels for the oil filter.

Expect 6-8 hours to do the initial installation. After that, all the plates can be removed (with the help of a floor jack or friend) in about 45 minutes.

Place your deposit today to secure your spot in the waitlist and on production! Anticipated ship dates for orders that are made before 4/15/23 is 6/15/23. The anticipated price is $3200-$3800.