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Welcome to our UNDERWHERE Skidplates for the Land Cruiser 100 / LX470! Check out social media to see these in action at Cruisers on the Rocks 2022! (#bigslackoffroad, Big Slack Off Road on youtube).

This set of skidplates is for anyone that wants serious protection for their vehicle.  These are the ultimate solution for protection against cracked differentials, transfer cases, a/c lines, or just simply prevent you from getting a rock wedged between your frame and slider. This is also great protection against catalytic converter thieves! Imagine their surprise!

We accept that the cost is higher than competitors, but the protection is also superior.  We know these are less expensive than vehicle recovery in the woods and replacing an aluminum housing on a gearbox (speaking from experience).

Once the system is mounted, the middle and rear skidplate can be removed by (1) person with basic tools in less than 15 minutes each if you have a floorjack.  This system is designed to be easy to install and uninstall.

There are access locations to get to the drains for the engine, transmission, and transfer case fluids.  There is also an access point for the oil filter.

These are build to order.


Front Skidplate: Made from 3/16 steel and reinforced with tubing and ribbing, this crash/skid plate will take the abuse of the rocks! It fastens to the front tow loop / tie down points and diff drop, which is included with the kit. There is an access point for the oil filter on the driver side of the plate.  The a-arm mounts are protected by this skidplate. Option to purchase just the front: $500 (big slack diff drop required)

Middle Skidplate: This skidplate is made from 1/8" steel with significant reinforcement from angle iron, tubing, and flat ribbing to creating a super-strong structure for dragging across rocks and skidding through ruts!  It covers from the diff drop to the end of the transfer case.  It bolts to the diff drop and the new cross member that comes with the kit. Option to purchase just the middle plate: $1200 (big slack diff drop required). This includes the new cross member and associated hardware.

Rear Skidplate: This skidplate is made from 1/8" steel like the center skidplate with significant reinforcement for rock protection.  It fastens to the rear frame at (6) points and to the new cross member (included in the kit) for the ultimate protection! This plate protects from the transfer case to about 8" in front of the rear axle including complete coverage of the fuel tank and factory muffler. Option to purchase just the rear plate: $1200 if you don't have the required cross member from the middle skidplate, $1000 if you have the middle skidplate cross member (required to mount the third skidplate).

A special thanks to ASFIR for visiting our booth at Expo and taking pictures but running away when we attempted to talk.

All hardware and instructions for installation are included. No one makes this system like Big Slack.

Shipping will be covered separately and will ship via freight because of the size and weight.  Email us for an estimate.  If you want us to install these (we are near Owensboro, KY), please email or call us to setup a time.  Pricing shown above is unpainted/raw. We recommend a rust inhibiting primer like POR15 or Chassis Saver. This can be sprayed in black for an additional fee.

At this time, our diff drop is required and included in the parts listed above. No special tools are required for installation, but a floor jack and/or second person will make the process very easy. 

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 25 in