Off Road Equipment Designed for Heavy Use.

We Have Designed, Engineered, & Customized our Vehicles and SXS.  We have this down to a science.

From rough, rocky trails to smooth, sandy deserts; Big Slack Off-Road designs to survive and thrive. As experienced, extreme riders, we’ve tested and perfected our products to ensure they can handle whatever environment you throw it in. We have significant experience in designing trucks used in extreme rugged environments.

Due to our real-world expertise with military vehicles in use today, we are able to deliver a product with stronger military-grade, defense enhancements that leaves all other vehicle designs on the market in the dust.

Manufacturing is done in Western KY, but we serve clients throughout the United States.

You’re Looking at the Future of Overland Equipment

At Big Slack Off-Road, we utilize a metrology grade 3D Laser Scanner to capture data and assist with our products’ design and engineering — this ensures a state-of-the-art SXS vehicle and an expedited manufacturing cycle. Our highly experienced, expert team designs and engineers all products in-house. Premium engineering is fundamental in every product we produce.

Development Projects 

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Front Bumper

The legendary Land Cruiser 100 series, with unsurpassed off road capabilities, needs unsurpassed accessories, because you can’t just leave this thing stock. This bumper has provisions for a winch, places to put tow straps (for pulling everyone else out). We didn’t just pull a tape measure and start welding. We have an Engineer!! The vehicle was actually 3D scanned using metrology grade equipment to start the process. This can be seen in the pictures, which gave us a computer interface (pictures with green stuff). With this detailed level of imagery, we were able to design a bumper that is an exact fit, and bolts right in.

This bumper will also fit the Lexus LX470 version without having to modify (cut) the body. The design of the bumper is specific. There is no flat spot on surfaces that may impact rocks and trees. This allows the vehicle to push itself or the object away to prevent a hard stop. There are hi-lift jack provisions in (3) locations in case you need to change a tire or get in a bind.

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Rock Sliders

Body protection is usually something we think of once we have messed the body up. Now that we have that out of the way, here are some stout rock sliders that will fit your Land Cruiser 100 series or Lexus LX470. With advanced 3D modeling, we were able to scan the frame of the vehicle, providing us with some detailed rendering of how it’s actually built. This led to some seriously strong mounts for the rock sliders, strong enough for you to put your high lift jack under and raise the whole side of the Cruiser.

We tested these with a lot of banging, and pivoting the entire vehicle on the sliders, and all we did was scratch the paint off. Not only will they protect the body of your Cruiser, but they also make a pretty good step bar. The mounts for the sliders double as our future underbody protection. Yes, we will have some mega-strong skid plates that cover the undercarriage from left to ride from slider to slider, making for some serious protection that no one else can offer!

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Roof Rack

What Overlanding rig is complete without a roof rack? Not just any roof rack, this has been plasma cut to fit into the tight tolerances that Toyota gave us to work with. This rack will hold your rooftop tent, basket, shovels, lights, mother-in-law, hi-lift jack, screaming child, and anything else that you don’t want riding in the Cruiser with you.

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Storage Rack

The Land Cruiser 100 series has a decent cargo capacity, once you take those pesky 3rd row seats out that no one taller than a 5 year old can ride in. That said, there is a storage capacity near the ceiling that’s practically unusable, until now, because we found a way to put it to good use. This is the Land Cruiser Attic, which creates a usable space at the ceiling of your Cruiser, for all those items that you need close, but can’t seem to stuff between the seat and the console. Much like everything else we sell, this was engineered with 3D scans of an actual Land Cruiser to ensure proper fitment and maximum versatility. There is a 2nd row version in the queue for development.

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Skid Plates

The big thing to say here is 3D scanning. This technology allows us to capture, in great detail, everything that we scan, in this case the bottom of the Land Cruiser. This capability is so detailed that the vehicle has to be super clean, so we don’t end up with dirt clods in our software (the picture does this statement justice). As we Land Cruiser 100/LX470 users know, until you get to 35 inch tires and a 3″ lift, your belly is going to drag…a lot.

What we are working on is a full belly skid plate that will protect all the vitals Toyota jammed under there, that every rock and obstacle wants to get cozy with. This skid plate leaves room between those important parts and the ground like a nun makes you leave room for the Holy Ghost. Of course, we do recommend integrating it with bumper and rock sliders for the best overall protection, but you can get by with just the plate. It extends from the left rock slider to the right rock slider for ultimate protection.

Next Vehicles

So what next for Big Slack Off Road? More parts for more rides of course! One of our team members is a jeep guy, and sure they are cool, but jeeps and their accessories are a dime a dozen. We would like to go after the vehicles that people take on the trails, but don’t have a ton of options for good accessories, because those are “our people.”

We have been Overlanding long before we knew it was called that. We always seemed to have issues buying parts and accessories that could meet our needs, and ended up building our own stuff anyway. We have since shed the shade tree mechanic ways, and have moved on to design those accessories you can’t get anywhere else. Next up will be items for the Gen 4 – 4 Runner, along with the Gen 3 – Tacoma. We believe that both of these rides have a strong trail presence, and will for years to come. Keep checking back on our website and social media to see where we are in the development process. Keep in mind, it doesn’t happen overnight, we put a lot of effort into the structure, design, and testing to ensure that we don’t bring rushed garbage out for people to spend their hard earned dollars on.

Overland Trailer

Sometimes you go on an offroad trip, and it doesn’t matter how tight you pack, how much roof rack space you use, or how many hitch baskets you have, you will still not have enough space for the essentials on a multi day, multi rider trip. Or, sometimes, you just want to hook your tow vehicle up and go. This is why we set out to build the Slacklander Overlanding Trailer. We needed a way to carry all the gear we deem necessary, without it falling on our passengers every time we hit a bump in the trail.

This is not your “basic” Overlanding trailer, we have seen some that look like they went to a junkyard and cut the bed off a 1992 Ford Ranger and welded a tongue on it, only to turn around and charge $25k for it. The Slacklander on the other hand is completely enclosed steel body, with several storage compartments, allowing you to partition your gear wherever you want it.

We have a giant pull out drawer to fit your massive refrigerator, or cooler collection. We also have a kitchen with sink and stove, mounted conveniently so you don’t have to pull a mile of stuff out just to get to the stove. This trailer can also carry your rooftop tent, and yes, it has the needed “feet,” so when you unhook from the tow vehicle and climb on it, the tongue doesn’t pop up.

We spent over a year developing this trailer, making sure that everything fit together properly, would seal like we want, and lock your stuff safely inside. The Slacklander trailer has been torture tested in ways that we didn’t think we could pull off, and it survived without issue. Be sure to check out our social media and YouTube for more pictures and videos of the Slacklander in action.

Big Tires

Did you like playing in the mud as a child? Still like doing it as an adult? Us too. Have you ever had to take the mudding walk of shame, you know, when you have to go around the mud because you know you can’t get through it? We got tired of doing that too. These tires are not only exceptional in the mud, but work with low pressure and rock crawl like a champ also.

Meet monster RZR. With the addition of these tires, we have been able to go places we never thought possible. Keep in mind, we didn’t just slap some big tires and portals on the machine and ride, we actually put a lot of thought into this.

Careful planning was put into the tread pattern, lug depth, width, height, and expected weight of the tire. We wanted to have something to ride on that could take us places, but not ruin it for the next rider. We wanted to be able to crawl through anything without destroying the host machine or the terrain. If you are wondering, yes it floats. These are 42×19” tires and a Turbo RZR has no trouble turning them. They have enough weight capacity for a jeep.

Slacklander Overland Trailer

Light enough to be pulled by any rig without sacrificing storage space, this is the ultimate overland trailer.

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Products

Want to enhance your Toyota Land Cruiser 100/LX470? We offer a full range of heavy-duty products to upgrade your vehicle.

Meet Our Team.

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