Land Cruiser 100 / LX470 Front Winch Mount


This winch mount is for the Land Cruiser 100 and LX470. It can mount behind the stock front bumper with some trimming of the factory plastic. As shown, it is setup for the front LC100/LX470 front bumper. A roller fairlead mount fastens to the same mount holes as the winch (not shown) if you are using this as a stand-alone winch mount. The mount plate is good for up to a 12000lb winch in any direction. The bolt pattern for the winch is 4.5 x 10 (typical for 8000-12000lb winches).

Unlike other winch mounts, this one fastens to the factory tow hook mounts, factory front bumper mounts, and through the frame for more than 8 bolts spreading stress out on the frame. This winch mount has been tested with a 12,000lb winch pulling until stall, dragging a 7000 lb Land Cruiser Sideways. Our load cell testing shows that our winch pulled over 10,000lb of pull force at stall during testing while dragging over 20,000lb of wheeled vehicles that were parked as counterweights! There were no issues with the winch plate.

Installation videos are on youtube. PDF instructions are available upon request. Note: A recent update to the design has made it easier to install. New instructional videos are in the works, but the existing videos have the same information, but now install in fewer steps! The factory recovery points are not used anymore so you have more options for bolt on recovery gear!



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This winch mount tucks neatly behind the OEM front bumper for a clean, factory look. It reinforces the front of the vehicle while simultaneously providing a strong winch mount for most winches up to 12000lb! The system bolts into position using the factory frame and cross member. The system is designed to fit under your factory bumper for a clean look. Some plastic trimming is required. There are OEM bumper mounts for the front bumper that come with the kit. Our Underwhere Skidplates work with this winch mount as well. This winch mount is a well-tested, robust design that is easy to install. Instructions come with the winch mount. Subscribe to our Youtube channel as the installation video was added 1/31/23. This comes with a mount for a roller or synthetic rope fairlead that bolts on with the winch. Order TODAY!

  • Powder coat or Epoxy Painted
  • Estimate Install time: 60 min
  • Required for mounting the Front Winch Pull Bumper

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