Land Cruiser 100 / LX470 3rd Row Cargo Rack Attic


The Land Cruiser 100 series / LX470 has a decent cargo capacity, once you take those pesky 3rd row seats out that no one taller than a 5 year old can ride in. That said, there is a storage capacity near the ceiling that’s practically unusable, until now, because we found a way to put it to good use. This is the Land Cruiser Attic, which creates a usable space at the ceiling of your Cruiser, for all those items that you need close, but can’t seem to stuff between the seat and the console. Much like everything else we sell, this was engineered with 3D scans of an actual Land Cruiser to ensure proper fitment and maximum versatility. There is a 2nd row version in the queue for development. This rack works in the 1998-2002 model units.

We aren’t sure why Toyota changed it in 2003, but a have a solution that will fit a 2003+ models, but need a test fit vehicle.  If you are in the western KY area, we’d love to test fit it on your vehicle and when it fits, give it to you for free… Window molle panels will be available soon to not only connect to this rack, but also as stand-alone (ie straight to the grab handles) units.

This is a short list of what we’ve used it for: Clothes, food, electronics, first aid, clothing, paper maps, rain gear, tools, flashlights, misc camping gear, 12 packs of drinks (4 fit easily), baby wipes, diapers, camera gear.

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