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Big Slack Off-Road designs trailers and vehicle modifications and  for those that take a harder path.  As avid off-road enthusiasts, we set out to put our engineering skills to good use by creating off-road equipment we’d want to take out ourselves when we’re thirsty for a thrill.

From the trails and rocks to the sand and the mud, our vehicles thrive on all terrains. If you’re a driver who isn’t afraid of action or getting your hands dirty, you’re guaranteed to go the extra mile.

Based in Western KY , our products are available for shipment across the United States.

Set the rules of the road aside. Go rogue by forging your own path.

Big Slack Off-Road was built by extreme off-road enthusiasts.

Our business was founded on the principal of pushing vehicles, be it ATV’s, SXS, or street legal rides to their absolute limits. We have owned an operated almost every brand available, and have mastered the art of customizing our machines along the way. We are here to serve the folks that need their off-road vehicle enhanced to handle the excessive rigors of extreme rides.

Slacklander Overlander Trailer

Land Cruiser 100/LX470 Products

Put Your Off-Road equipment Through Hell. We do.

We have been rougher on our equipment than most people every will be. Our vehicles have been pushed to the point of failure, been fixed and modified, only to return to the trail better than ever. Big Slack Off-Road products are designed to survive the terrain you enjoy and the abuse that comes with your journey.

Custom components can make all the difference for your drive.

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